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chittens adventures
Chittens in Trouble

All the rubbish trucks have mysteriously disappeared, leaving the city to drown under a sea of garbage. Milly and the chittens are forced to call in reinforcements. At first, Mama Griffin and her rubbish-munching flock are hailed as saviours. But what goes in must come out and an overload of super-fertilizing griffin poo quickly turns the city into a jungle. Everyone is mad and guess who is getting the blame. Now Milly must save the city, out sing a visiting mega-star and fight off a band of sneaky chitten thieves. It's a good thing that she has a couple of secret weapons – a stash of gold and a fluffy pink bunny.

Chittens in Trouble is a fun action-packed story
for 7 to 10 year olds.

Book Excerpt

Milly, Adam and Sarah jumped back out of the van and
ran to get their stuff. Milly had just picked up Sarah's
electric guitar when there was a squeal of tyres and the
van drove off.

"Stop!" she yelled, running after it, waving the guitar frantically. "Wait!"

"Where's he going?" Sarah asked.

"I don't know," Milly said, feeling like she was going to burst into tears. "But he has the chittens."

As they watched, a small white head appeared in the barely-open window. Spot wriggled frantically as she fought her way out. For a moment, Milly thought she was stuck, caught fast by her wings, but with a twist and a tug and a few missing feathers, Spot tumbled free.

The car reached the top of the exit ramp and began to accelerate. The tyres squealed on the concrete as it sped around the corner and out of sight. Fluffy and Goldie, too big to follow Spot through the crack, were trapped inside.

Chittens in Trouble

Chittens in Trouble
Written by Julie Scott
Illustrated by Michael Copsey
Published by Manticore Press

ISBN 978-0-473-24833-8

Print Book
Published 2013
ISBN 978-0-473-24834-5
178 pages, 203 x 127mm
NZD$15.00 + postage & packaging
for Australia & New Zealand

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