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chittens adventures
Chittens to the Rescue

Papa Griffin is being held prisoner, and Milly and the chittens are his only hope of rescue. But Milly is stuck in school camp, and with the world's meanest teacher in charge, escape is not going to be easy.

When the chittens take matters into their own paws, Milly is forced into action. Now everyone is depending on her: the chittens, the griffins, her schoolmates. To save the day, she will have to face the biggest menace of them all ... the manticore.

But what exactly is a manticore?

Chittens to the Rescue is a fun action-packed story
for 7 to 10 year olds.

Book Excerpt

"Run," Milly shouted, grabbing Adam's elbow and Fluffy's
tail and pulling them both back to the trapdoor.

They all slipped inside. For once, Goldie and Spot were
right behind them. Sarah pulled on the trapdoor.

"Wait," said Milly. "What about the pixies?"

Three puffs of wind zipped past her face, so close they brushed her ear. Percy's sword caught in her hair and he did a somersault into the backpack. Outside, a snarling roar split the air. Sarah slammed the door shut. The children huddled in the darkness, hiding from the thunderous echoes like mice trapped in a hole. Three feathery head tucked close into Milly's arms.

"What was that?" Adam said, at last, in a very small voice.

"That-" Milly said. Her voice dried up and she had to start again. "That was the manticore."

Chittens to the Rescue

Chittens to the Rescue
Written by Julie Scott
Illustrated by Michael Copsey
Published by Manticore Press

ISBN 978-0-473-32702-6

Print Book
Published 2015
ISBN 978-0-473-32701-9
194 pages, 203 x 127mm
NZD$15.00 + postage & packaging
for Australia & New Zealand

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